OPEN CALL: trans girl takeover exhibition

OPEN CALL: trans girl takeover exhibition

This Pride season, The Feminist Library is asking for transfeminist art, documentation, and ephemera for an exhibition opening mid-July. This could be paintings, flyers, performance art documentation, protest documentation, or pics of you and your sisters at an official or impromptu community picnic. By trans women, transfems, and TMA nonbinary people only (collabs with TMEs or cis people are cool). This is part of a trans-cis coalition to promote and preserve present day organising, prioritising creating spaces by-and-for trans women and transfems.

This exhibition, like a lot of transfeminist organising, has a DIY ethos. We’re not just after things you consider ‘art’ or exhibition worthy, but material born from and reflecting everyday transfem life. Archival, personal, low budget, vulnerable, political – all of it. Paintings and other traditional mediums also cherished. We’re not evaluating how transfeminist the work is, and want a broad spectrum of art by transfem people that speaks to transfem life.

Here is what we’re looking for:
– small to large 2D works in any medium, up to 1m high
– textile works or very light 3d works to hang from beams
– small sculptures
– ephemera (postcards, fliers, zines, etc) and publications for display and interaction

Submission Deadline: please send image/s, dimensions, and a brief description of the work via this google form by June 19th, midnight.

things to note:
– we’re a grassroots organisation doing this on a voluntary basis, so we can’t pay a fee for the loan of work
– we also can’t cover shipping, but we can arrange to pick up work if you’re within Southwark, London
– for ephemera, documentation, and zines we can print files you send us at office printer quality
– work must be delivered by July 9th for a July 13th opening

xoxo curatorial team