The Feminist Library Community Policy

The Feminist Library is an anti-sectarian, intersectional feminist space. We will not tolerate sexism, homophobia, racism, transphobia, nor oppressive language or behaviour based on any structural inequality, including disability, socio-economic status, sexuality, age, education, religious affiliation or gender expression.

We aim to be inclusive of all feminisms, and particularly welcome those who have historically been marginalised within society as a whole, and within the feminist movement.
Respectful debate and discussion is encouraged.

The Feminist Library is a collective space, and as such all who use the space – both the physical Library and its virtual social media spaces – are responsible for maintaining it as a safe and welcoming one.

It should not be the sole responsibility of those who are marginalised or oppressed by the use of others’ language or behaviours to point this out – everyone who uses the space should attempt to have an awareness of others.

If you feel that someone has acted inappropriately, try to let them know in a thoughtful manner. If someone suggests your words or actions have been inappropriate, equally try to receive this in a considered and thoughtful way. It is in everyone’s interests to be able to challenge oppressive behaviour in our community.

The Feminist Library is an inclusive space, we do however respect the needs of self-defining groups to organise autonomously provided they adhere to our Community Policy.

Any ‘women only’ events organised at the Library must be inclusive of all self-identifying women, and we ask groups to make this clear when promoting events. No group is permitted to organise events contrary to this at the Library.

The Feminist Library collective are largely volunteers. We are committed to non-hierarchical practices, and therefore we aim to deal with any conflict arising through collective, transparent and non-hierarchical processes within the community.

The collective are responsible for maintaining the space, both physical and virtual, and safeguarding those who use it, and as such where necessary will act using their best judgement to diffuse situations, including requesting that individuals vacate the premises, or in the case of virtual encounters, acting to close down discussions and/or remove individuals in order to prevent the wellbeing of other users being violated, and to protect the wellbeing of members of the collective.

Please let members of the Feminist Library collective know if you wish to make us aware of any issues or request that we intervene in accordance with this policy. You can contact us with questions or concerns via:

Please also let us know if you can suggest any improvements to this Community Policy, which has been agreed by consensus within the Feminist Library collective. It is part of an ongoing dialogue and is open to changes needed to best serve the needs of our community.

Other Policies

The Feminist Library has the following policies for the safety and wellbeing of our visitors, staff and volunteers.

Health and Safety Policy

Equality and Diversity Policy

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