Care in a Pandemic Zine

The Feminist Library is pleased to present our latest zine, ‘Care in a Pandemic‘, which has been produced by a group of volunteers over the last few months. Below is an extract from the editor’s letter:

“Care is a core component of a radical feminist ethos that is often dismissed as an incomplete methodology for revolution. Something about care is too soft, too facile to sustain us. Yet, as our submissions will show, care means many things. It is the principle at the root of resistance; we struggle, we oppose, because we know that we could live differently, and that the other worlds that we strive for are worlds where callousness and indifference to suffering are impossible. Care requires us to exert our energy with and for others, to replace the cult of the individual with commitment to understanding and supporting one another. It is the life-blood of networks of mutual aid that are keeping so many alive at this moment, it is the way we attempt to keep ourselves nourished in a time of mass death and grieving. It provides the impetus for solidarity, acts of service and the dissemination of political education. Care means extending our protection and the consideration to all. It means we must craft political futures that attend to everyone’s needs by first naming the problems (capitalism, racism, gendered violence). Care means treating each other as if we were family, recognising the ways our lives are interlinked and fundamentally inseparable. Care means all of us or nothing.”