Be More Bonobo by Rachael House

Be More Bonobo by Rachael House

You are warmly invited to attend the launch of Be More Bonobo, an exhibition of research and work in progress by Rachael House, made during her residency at The Feminist Library

This work brings  the peaceful, female led, behaviourally bisexual society of the endangered bonobo great apes together with The Feminist Library badge archive. Maybe this is the sort of world we would be living in if these intersectional concerns on feminist badges were resolved in our favour. Alongside collages, slogan ceramic platters remind us that there is an alternative to our current political situation.

They prove that individuals can coexist without relying on competition and dominant subordinate rank. Takayoshi Kano, The Last Ape: Pygmy Chimpanzee Behaviour and Ecology

Peace through pleasure. Dr. Susan Block, The Bonobo Way

Launch evening- Saturday April 15th


All welcome


Recent exhibitions include We Are Queer Britain, Queer Britain, Fats Femmes Bisexuals, Parlour Gallery, 2022, We Get To Choose Our Families, Whitechapel, 2022, Companions, Forum Box Helsinki 2021, Let The Right One’s In, Exchange Gallery, Penzance 2021-2022

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