Podcasts from Women’s Studies Without Walls Weekend Event

Recordings made by Yula Burin and participants of the Women’s Studies Without Walls inaugural event on the 19th and 20th of January 2013

Big thanks to Camden Community Radio for hosting these podcasts.

On consciousness raising: http://canstream.co.uk/camden/index.php?id=497

How the event felt: http://canstream.co.uk/camden/index.php?id=496

On making Women’s Studies inclusive: http://canstream.co.uk/camden/index.php?id=495

On connecting theory, feelings and political response: http://canstream.co.uk/camden/index.php?id=494

On the history and value of Women’s Studies to activists: http://canstream.co.uk/camden/index.php?id=493

Personal choices are constrained by politics: http://canstream.co.uk/camden/index.php?id=492

Refelctions on “the personal is political”: http://canstream.co.uk/camden/index.php?id=491


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