Workshop: “Feminism Is Real” at Peckham Literary festival – 8th June

Workshop: “Feminism Is Real”,
8th June, 12pm- 5pm, Peckham Literature Festival, Peckham Library, 122 Peckham Hill St, Peckham, London SE15 5JR

The Feminist Library will run a mixed-arts workshop on the theme: “Feminism Is Real!” As a participant, you will explore this theme through creative writing and zine-making practice. We will encourage you to find your own voice within feminism. As an individual, you will produce a piece of writing during the first part of the workshop, while in the second part you will make a zine together with the group. In the end, you will take home the self-made zine containing your own writing. Suitable for all women aged 18-25 years, and particularly welcoming to BAME and non-binary people. Facilitated by Chiara Maraji Biasi (cultural events coordinator), Sina Schwache (creative learning facilitator) and Eva Megias (zine workshop facilitator), curators of the Feminist Library. Peckham Literary Festival takes place from 8th – 14th June 2019. The festival supports young and emerging authors. Contact to reserve a place.

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