‘Whores and Other Feminists’ by Jill Nagle, (Routledge, 1997).

This book is a collection of writings about and by sex workers, some of whom claim to be feminists. The selection of sex workers included in this book speak openly about feminism as feminists, which has been a controversial topic for as long as feminists have existed.

The different perspectives in this book are varied and interesting, enabling us to see how life is for sex workers, through their eyes. For example, a sex protector/pervert speaks out about her deepest darkest desires, a porn star tells of her experience in the sex industry and her arguments with other feminists over this choice, and a ‘fat sex worker’ confesses her experience of working as a sex line worker then going home to her husband and children.

We also learn a bit about the difference between male and female sex workers from their feminist perspective.

There are important points raised, such as how female prostitutes are seen largely as ‘victims’, whereas male prostitutes aged 18 and over aren’t.

This book is extremely thought provoking, some parts cause reactions of anger and even sympathy for the sex workers. Well worth a read.

Reviewed by Shelley Jamaine Iqbal

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