Victory as the Feminist Library given another 6 months – the search for a new home continues!

A massive thank you to the 16,000 supporters who signed our petition; to the 100 who read out loud from feminist books, supporting us at our demonstration on February 24th outside Southwark Council offices; those who came to see us at Women of the World 2016 at South Bank Centre; or visited us here, at our home in Westminster Bridge Road.

Thanks to your support and generosity, together with overwhelming international media coverage, we have reached an agreement with the Council that will allow us to stay in the building for a further six months. Our new leaving date is 30 October 2016.

This would not have been achieved without you.

We are fighting strong but it is not over by a long shot. Six months’ in our 40 year lifetime (where we have amassed over 7,000 books and 1,500 periodicals), is no time at all.

We are working hard to find the right premises and have looked at a number including other Council-owned premises, but so far none of these have been right for us. We are unique in that we serve as a library and a meeting and event space, striving to be accessible to all. This is central to our ethos: opening up our resources so that knowledge is not privatised or accessed through an economy of capital; but rather shared freely amongst all. We are the current guardians of our Feminist Herstory, so we will be relentless in our search for a new, secure home for the Library.

If you haven’t already, and would like to give, please donate to our Emergency Fund, here:

Anything you give us will go towards keeping feminism visible and alive.

We will continue to keep our supporters updated as our search for a new home continues.

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