Transnational Journeys: An archival exploration of feminist posters that transcend borders at the Feminist Library

A vast and unique collection of radical flyers and posters has made its way to the Feminist Library from different feminist interventions around the world, dating back to the 70s, which we have started digitising over the past year.

This collection not only shows how feminism cannot be understood as a monolithic movement, but also how revolutionary feminisms have never adhered to borders produced by colonial – capitalist interests. As such, this exhibition intends to highlight how different radical feminist movements have shaped each other through intersectional praxis and deepened our understanding and need for solidarity-based resistance.

These posters are also illustrative of how Majority World feminisms are not contingent upon what is today defined as ‘resistance’ or antagonism to the status quo. Rather, they demonstrate feminisms that organised their ways of being and belonging through community.

Accordingly, we are hoping for this exhibition to explore how ideas and movements are informed by one-another and interrogate their trajectories to our archive at the Feminist Library i.e. how they end up in London as well as the Feminist Library’s archives and under which contexts.

Thus, as part of our grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we are curating an online exhibition with a selection of posters that express visually and textually compelling engagements on the theme of Transnational Feminisms.

photographer: Harry Blanchette