Reading recommendation by Natifah White – ‘sweet thang – power, root, beginnings’

Natifah_Pick_Sweet_Thang Natifah_V1

My reading recommendation is the following zine from ‘sweet thang – power, root, beginnings’.
Part of the Feminist Library zine cllection shown in the Feminist Library’s Black History Month Exhibition – WE ARE HERE

What drew me to this decision, was the way in which this zine is made. They communicate via an open invitation to ‘Black womxn / non-binary Black folx’. I enjoy this way of communication because it lacks exclusivity but highlights willingness. In this way, it co-crafts a creative space less interested in curating a certain aesthetic artistically speaking and this is what I find interesting.

This edition in particular, compiles a range of submissions and I enjoy coming across practices I’m familiar with, as well as ones I am curious about. I would like to praise sweet thang not as collective single handedly pioneering originality (I think there are many many other creatives also sharing this space) but as a group of creatives constantly reimagining how and what content is shared with care and consideration.

For me, this is what makes it relatable. It’s identifiable through recognition.

Natifah (dance artist)