Review – Crafternoon

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 07.15.22 Last month Maria and I held a Crafternoon in the Feminist Library periodicals room. This was the first time we had set up and ran our own event at the library so we were both excited and nervous.

Having both volunteered at the bookshop for over a year, we wanted to expand our involvement at the library as well as take time to be creative around like minded individuals. A range of crafts were available including Sisters Uncut Colouring, collaging and zine Making.

It was a lovely day of meeting people who had never been to the library before as well as being able to do craft in a feminist environment. One of the women who attended, Kathryn, said ‘It was my first visit to the feminist library …There were a lot of resources and books available and I got to meet a cool mix of other interesting and clever women and so went away inspired’.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 07.15.40Many of the visitors had not been to the library and one woman even travelled from Huddersfield to attend. We also had our bookshop open on the day with inspiration from zines such as Syrup, Sister and Polyester.

All in all the day was successful and we hope to do another one soon. Thanks to Maya and Harriet for volunteering their time and helping on the day.

Lorna Harrington

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