Call out for zine submissions – CARE IN A PANDEMIC

feminist library zine submission call out 

We’re excited to announce the first edition of the Feminist Library zine, but we need your help!

Our vision for the zine will be guided and shaped by you, the Feminist Library community. It will be a space/experiment to try and represent your thoughts, feelings and actions as volunteers,  and a way to add to the library’s archive as feminists in this specific time and place.
The theme for the first zine is Care in a Pandemic. We’d like you to think about what care means to you – how has this situation shaped your experience of feminism, how is it affecting your daily life, and what questions come to mind when you think about care or caring?

Think: a feminist ethics of care, chosen families, mutual aid, love, relationships, looking out for one another, mental health, self-care, black feminism, supplies, apocalypse, feminist futures, the end of the world, building new worlds, transformative relations, food, love languages, yearning, solace, finding peace in others, warmth, loneliness, motherly love, electoral politics, grassroots organising, physical touch, keeping busy, imagination, staying alive, the internet, re-reading books, repetition, cycles, facetime/skype/zoom, online celebrations, birthdays in isolation, care packages, favours for neighbours, keeping busy, sustenance, gardening, sunshine, missing friends, wishing, rebirth, self-improvement, laziness, laughter, music, rituals, hope as a discipline, radical histories, squatting, blueprints, realisations.

We’d love you to use this theme to explore the idea of care in a pandemic in more detail. We’re looking for interpretations and contributions of anything that inspires you, be it non-fiction, fiction, poems, thought experiments, illustrations, photographs, essays – anything.

We’re also looking for a bold piece of artwork for the zine’s front cover – this could be something you’ve drawn, photographed, or designed digitally.

The zine will be sent out digitally, with the possibility of us printing it and keeping it in the archives.

If you’re interested in contributing, here’s a bit more info to help you along the way:

    Make the subject of the email: CARE IN A PANDEMIC SUBMISSION: *TITLE OF PIECE*
  2. Submissions of essays and long-form work should be between 1,000 to 1,500 words (about an A4 page). If you’re submitting poetry, please submit no more than 3 individual poems.
  3. Deadline for submissions is April 30th. 
  4. Submissions can be in any language but please provide a rough translation if possible.
  5. Please include your full name and pronouns with your submission. If you’d like to remain anonymous that’s totally fine – just let us know when you submit.
  6. Send submissions in a readable format. That means PDF, .doc/.docx, jpeg, etc., basically nothing too obscure, please!
  7. If you have an idea but need a bit of direction, let us know! We can help you work through your idea together, and tease out the angle of whatever it is you’re creating. Just drop an email to
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