Publications, translations and language exchange

Publications, translations and language exchange at the Feminist Library
By Jael de la Luz García

translationsAfter having had the experience of the Latinx Festival last year, some people showed interest in continuing with feminist and queer activities where Spanish was the language that links us. Since February we have held a monthly Spanish language book club, where we share Feminist Library books and materials, or texts that can be found only in Spanish or in Spanish and English. At the Feminist Library we welcome feminists from different parts of the world, to dialogue with contemporary feminist practices and movements.

Knowing that the language enriches and weaves bridges, in recent days we have had two important events:

1. The visit and collaboration of the Mother Tongues collective. This is a project that rescues authors whose works have been translated into other languages. They analyze the cultural references, the challenges in translations or bilingual editions, and look at creative ways to decolonize oral and written language. Mother Tongues will be part of a translation party programme for Antiuniversity, together with the Feminist Library on June 12th. See here for more information:

2. The presentation of the electronic fanzine magazine Theodora by the Brazilian editor, writer and poet, Virna Teixeira. Theodorais a new bilingual literary visual arts magazine, published online by Carnaval Press, an alternative press specialising in Brazilian and Lusophone poetry in translation. The first issue of Theodorais focused on identities, diversities and sexualities, and involves an exchange of work among Brazilian, Portuguese and international poets and visual artists. Theodora’s presentation on May 31st, allowed the meeting between poets from Brazil, Portugal, Serbia, UK, and translators and publishers. You can view this project in both Portuguese and English here:

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