Friends Scheme

Become a Friend of the Feminist Library

We are launching a Friends Scheme to save our Library.  Would you join with Ali Smith and become a Library Friend?

From as little as £3 a month (or the equivalent each year), you can help secure our long term future, protect our priceless collection and preserve Feminist Herstory.
To show our gratitude, we offer our Friends discounts on our recommended selection of books and merchandise, regular e-bulletins, as well as invites to events like the terrific Summer Benefit and innovative Women’s Studies Without Walls.

To become a Friend please click below:


Monthly Friends Offer

palace VIXENThis March we are delighted to offer Friends a whopping 50% discount off two of the award-winning author, Rosie Garland’s books. VIXEN and PALACE OF CURIOSITIES. To take advantage of this offer please email

Read our exclusive interview with Rosie here.


shero-gift-cardFriends Scheme Gift Card
Be a shero and make someone you love a friend of the Library.
A perfect gift for the feminist in your life! Be a shero and make someone you love a Friend of the Library.
Giving this Scheme as a beautiful gift will help safeguard feminist herstory and enable its development for future generations. Now more than ever before, we need the Feminist Library in the capital as a symbol of strength and liberty.

Your gift will include Library tours, 15% off  any books or merchandise when our bookshop is open, which is currently on Saturdays midday til 5pm, and during our events. As a seasonal Special Offer, we are also offering 20% off the highly illustrated book, full colour book of posters from the See Red collective, a feminist must-have. There are new offers for Friends throughout the year.
Your friend will receive a personalised e-card from you and us to them.
Make this season count. Safeguard feminist herstory.
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  1. What is the Friends Scheme?

The Friends Scheme is about creating a community of valued Friends who will help us not only support our future but who will enable us to plan strategically through regular donation to the Library.

  1. How does it work?

You can become a Friend of the Feminist Library by giving us a regular monthly donation, or a one-off yearly donation through direct debit. We also ask for your email address so that we can send you our e-bulletins, and discounts on books and other merchandise. We’ll also let you know in advance of our programme of events, presentations and workshops.

You will not be inundated with emails! No more than one a month.

We also ask for your address and a contact phone number. We will only use your phone number to check any details with you, and your address if you are not on email.

  1. How much does it cost?

We welcome everyone, regardless of income level. Our fees are recommendations only. Friends can pay more, or less. It is up to each individual.

Our recommended monthly rates:

£3/ £7/ £15

  1. How does being a Friend help the Feminist Library?

Your regular donation will

  • Safeguard the collection, and, more widely, save feminist herstory
  • Safeguard community space
  • Enable us to plan ahead financially
  • Enable us to invest in equipment and other resources with the knowledge we have rolling income
  1. What we offer our Friends?

We are pleased to offer you

  • Discounts on selected merchandise and books throughout the year
  • Regular e-bulletins
  • Information on events, lectures, workshops and presentations


If you prefer to give a one off donation at this time please see our Donate Page