Did you know the Feminist Library was originally called ‘The Women’s Research and Resources Centre’? We have always considered practical and community information sharing as part of our remit. During the COVID-19 closure, we have started a list of online resources, feminist, literary and otherwise, that may be useful, now and in the future. To submit content please email:


Feminist/Radical/Independent Bookshops

Feminist Online Magazines

Feminist Podcasts

Feminist Exhibitions/Performance

Feminist Events/Workshops

Literature Events/Workshops

Other Events/Workshops

Mutual Aid Groups

Writing on COVID-19

COVID-19 Health and Practical Resources

Research on COVID-19 Impact

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services


Foodbanks and Resources

Financial Support

Mental Health Support and Resources


Educational Resources for Children

Women Specific Resources

BAME Specific Resources

LGBTQ Specific Resources

Trans Specific Resources

Disabled Specific Resources

Elder Specific Resources

Campaigns to Support

Independent Businesses