Recent Acquisitions

Reclaiming feminism: challenging everyday misogyny, Miriam E. David. A broad exploration of feminism in the last fifty years in academia and beyond. Policy Press, 2016

I stopped drinking and I hate you all. A short booklet about a Londoner’s experience of giving up drinking

Silenced Feminisms, Megan Pickering. A zine inspired by Spare Rib, including original pictures and commentary from the magazine, Eliza Agar Press, 2016.

In the Steps of Exceptional Women, Jane W Grant. A biography of Millicent Garrett Fawcett, and a history of the Fawcett Society. Francis Boutle, 2016

See Red Women’s Workshop. A collection of feminist posters produced by See Red from 1974–1990, Four Corners Books, 2016

Profesiones ilustradas, Mia Cassany and Elisa Munro. A Spanish language children’s book illustrating both men and women in a variety of professions. Mosquito Books, 2016

Women Activists of the East End: A Study of Radical Female History In Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest. An exploration of the obstacles faced and legacies left by East End Women since 1888, Heritage Lottery Funded academic research. ShareUK, 2016

The Little Book of Feminism, Harriet Dyer. A beginner’s guide to feminism with definitions, facts and thought pieces. Summersdale Publishers. 2016

Bullied, Megan Pickering. A zine about the impact bullying has on mental health. Eliza Agar Press, 2016

Foreplay – A series of feminist zines on a range of topics such as Sex, the Body and Work. Multiple contributors, 2016

Drawing to Discover: the British Witch, Hayley Potter. An illustrated exploration of witchcraft in Britain

Everywoman: One Women’s Truth About Speaking About The Truth, Jess Phillips. An opinionated piece by the female Labour MP. Penguin Random House, February 2017

Latest issues of periodicals received

Women’s History Review – A special issue which challenges popular assumptions of British girls and women in the 1950s – Routledge, February 2017

Feminism and Psychology – Sage Publishing, November 2016

Feminist Theory vol 17, no 3. Covers topics such as academia, science fiction and marriage – Sage Publishing, December 2016

Syrup, Issue 1 – A feminist zine inspired by themes around sugar, stickiness and fluidity, Royal College of Art Feminist Society, November 2016.

Feminist Collections: a quarterly of women’s studies resources. Reviews of recent feminist texts and online sources about women and gender. Gender and Women’s Studies Librarian, University of Wisconsin, Summer 2016

The Cliterary Review. A zine about womanhood by self-defining women of all ages, 2016

Lesbian Connection, Vol 39, Issue 4 Jan/Feb 2017. A magazine centred around lesbian issues, including comic strips and reviews.

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