New Acquisitions List – March 2019


Lesbian Connection, Vol 41, Iss 2, Sept/Oct 2018, Lesbian Connection.

Older Feminist Network Newsletter, No 232, October/November 2018.

Lesbian Connection, Vol 41, Iss 3, Nov/Dec 2018, Lesbian Connection.

Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism, Issue #70, Summer 2018.

Feminism & Psychology, Vol. 28, No. 3, August 2018, Sage.

Women of China, April-September 2018.

Lesbians are Dying Out: A Comic about Transphobia, 2018, self published.

“it’s just everywhere” A study on sexism in Schools – and how we tackle it, 2018, UK Feminista.

Exploring the Economic Impact of Brexit on Women, March 2018, Women’s Budget Group.

The Female Face of Poverty, July 2018, Women’s Budget Group.

The Female Face of Poverty, July 2018, Women’s Budget Group.

Women Count, May 2018, Women’s Budget Group.

Feminism & Psychology, Vol 28, No 4, November 2018, Sage.

Gilt, self-published.

Cuntry Living, Autumn 2018, Autumn 2018, self-published.

Cultural & Social History, Volume 14, Issue 15 , December 2017, Routledge.

Freedom Socialist, Volume 39, No. 3, June-July 2018.

Fortune, October 1, 2017.

Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism, Issue #71, Winter 2018.

Awesome Monster, -, -, -.

New Books: 

Angela Carter, The Magic Toyshop: Introduced by Carmen Callil, Virago, 1967; 2018.

Rosamund Lehmann, The Weather In The Streets: Introduced by Elizabeth Day, Virago, 1936; 2018.

Janet Frame, Faces In The Water: Introduced by Hilary Mantell, Virago, 1961; 2018.

Rebecca West, The Return of the Soldier: Introduced by Victoria Glendinning, Virago, 1918; 2018.

Muriel Spark, Memento Mori: Introduced by A. L. Kennedy, Virago, 1959; 2018.

Patricia Highsmith, Deep Water: Introduced by Gillian Flynn, Virago, 1957; 2018.

Elizabeth Taylor, A View Of The Harbour: Introduced by Sarah Waters, Virago, 1947; 2018.

Mary Renault, Fire From Heaven: Introduced by Tom Holland,Virago, 1970; 2018.

Karin Klenke, Women In Leadership: Contextual Dynamics and Boundaries, Emerald Publishing, 2011; 2018.

Ruth Pearson; Sundari Anitha, Striking Women: Struggles and Strategies of South Asian Women Workers from Grunwick to Gate Gourmet, Lawrence and Wishart, 2018.

Peter Purton, Champions of Equality: Trade Unions and LGBT Rights in Britain, Lawrence and Wishart, 2017.

Sarah Boston, Women Workers and The Trade Unions, Lawrence and Wishart, 2015.

Chris Linder, Sexual Violence On Campus: Power Conscious Approaches to Awareness, Prevention and Response, Emerald Publishing, 2018.

Eva Tutchell and John Edmonds, The Stalled Revolution: Is Equality For Women An Impossible Dream?, Emerald Publishing, 2018.

Alison Temperley, Inside Knowledge: How Women Can Thrive in Professional Service Firms, Emerald Publishing, 2017.

Zing Tsjeng, Forgotten Women The Writers, Hachette, 2018.

The Socialist Party of Great Britain, Silvia Pankhurst on Socialism, The Socialist Party of Great Britain.

Alyson Hallett and Rachel Bentham (editor), Project Boast, Triarchy Press, 2018.

Jack Dromey & Graham Taylor, Grunwick: The Workers’ Story, Lawrence and Wishart, 2015.

Joanna Williams, Women Vs Feminism: Why we all need liberating from the gender Wars, emerald Publishing, 2017.

Liv Stromquist, Fruits of Knowledge: The Vulva Vs The Patriarchy, Virago, 2018.

Katherine Connelly, Silvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, Socialist and Scourge of Empire, Pluto, 2013.

Grace Kitto, Saving Grace, September Publishing, 2018.

Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted, September Publishing, 2018.

Sharon Blackie, The Enchanted Life, September Publishing, 2018.

Nyna Giles, The Bridesmaid’s Daughter, September Publishing, 2018.

Corinne Sweet, Money on’t Table, September Publishing, 2018.

Linda Wilkinson, Columbia Road, Of Blood and Belonging, 2018.

Berwick Street Film Collective, Nightcleaners ’36 to ’77, Koenig Books, 1975/2018.

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