MDLF: Workshop – Writing the stories of others – 10th August

9386FED9-5D1D-40F3-843D-F5A334907470Saturday, 10th August, 2:30pm – 4.30pm

Feminist Library, 5 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7XW

Tickets £5.80 from Eventbrite

Much attention is given to telling the stories of refugees and migrants, and increasingly to giving refugees and migrants the space to tell their own stories in their own ways.

But what role can we all have in writing about the experiences of refugees and migrants? What are the problems in this? What role does power play? What might their voices add to the discussion? What problems might there be in holding individual refugees and migrants out as the spokesman of diverse groups of people?

And more hopefully, if in writing literature we are able to empathise with another, what role can literature play in bringing people together? How could we use literature to break down the barrier between the self and ‘the other’?

Come along to this boundary-breaking workshop to creatively explore these questions, and come up with some practical answers.

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