Latinx Walk for Women’s History Month

Latinx Walk for Women’s History Month
Saturday 24th March, meet at 12pm at the Feminist Library, 5a Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7XW.


A free guided walk around the history of Elephant and Castle. Learn more about the stories and contribution of its Latinx, migrant and feminist communities. All welcome!

Bring comfortable clothes and shoes, as well as drinking water. The tour will be in English and Spanish. Hot chocolate and cake provided.
Our tour focuses on significant locations in Southwark and Lambeth. Waves of feminists, collectives and migrations have given them meaning as places of creation, rebellion and resistance.

From an intersectional feminist perspective, walking is a way to exercise citizenship where borders do not require passports, visas or checks of our humanity. Walking is an act of memory because it awakens the capacity for wonder and the questions that connect with the past become relevant. Walking can be an act of justice, when together with others we find placards and slogans claiming causes that give meaning to our lives. Walking is an act of resistance against gentrifying urbanism where collective projects seem to be diluted by the advance of luxury and asphalt.

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