Julia Stonehouse Book Reading – Sat 8th July

JS_MF_Thumbnail_MediumJulia Stonehouse Book Reading
Saturday, 8th July, 2-4pm
Feminist Library

Julia Stonehouse, author of Idols to Incubators will be holding a booklaunch and Q&A about her new book The Misconception FilesOpen to all. Donations to the Library welcome.

The Misconception Files highlights the pivotal but erroneous conviction of patriarchy: there is no mother. Of course, a woman carries the child and gives birth but the source of that child, the seed of life, was believed to come from the man alone. With this misconception, patriarchy seemed logical and became inevitable. It was the mortar that held the components of the oppressive tower of patriarchy in place. Science overturned the male-seed theory around the turn of the 20th century, yet that revolution is practically unknown. And before patriarchy there were other ideas of conception, with women at their centre.

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