Feminist Yoga – Every Thursday

yogaFeminist Yoga at the Feminist Library every Thursday, 7pm-8:30pm.

5a Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7XW

How do we reimagine self-care? How do we validate, honour, love the anger our feminist activism requires to use it for change? How do we find balance in our feminist struggles to be seen, to have voice, to keep moving, to be reflexive, to make transformations? How do we cultivate a space of self-compassion in our inner forms? How do we step into our vulnerable feelings to expose ourselves, to confront patriachy, to recongise our location and relationships to others?

Each week Feminist Yoga Classes explore the relationship between one of these feminist feelings/emotions and yoga (physical postures, breathing and meditation) with a focus on healing.

When we come to and get involved in feminism we experience emotions. I believe we hold these emotions in our physical, mental and emotional bodies – we embody them. Embodied feelings show us why transformations are so difficult but also how they are possible. Yoga is a time we can slow down to tune into the emotions we embody and begin the healing, releasing and strengthening process.

Book places now email affectiveyoga@gmail.com
Or pop along one Thursday evening.

I invite you to share wth me your feminist feelings or emotions – feeling or emotions you experience or have experienced when you come to and get involved with feminism, or perhaps feelings or emotions you experience living in a patriarchal society… I will then design classes around these themes! (This will of course all be completely anonymous.)

Open to all levels – you don’t need to have prior yoga experince.

The cost of Feminist Yoga classes…
1) Drop in session – £10 unemployed, £12.50 part-time employed, £15 employed.
2) Four class pass – £40 unemployed, £50 part-time employed, £60 employed.
3) Eight class pass – £80 unemployed, £100 part-time employed, £120 employed.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you require financial assistance to attend – in every class reduced rate spaces are available.


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