Crafternoon: Vulva Drawing Workshop – 7th July

35192861_1755092377878304_6398345156038230016_nCreative drawing workshops to educate and celebrate vulvas… because dicks are everywhere.

Saturday, 7th July, 12:30pm – 4:30pm

Feminist Library

No experience (or vulva) necessary.

Free drop-in workshop with materials provided. Donations welcome in support of The Feminist Library.

From spray-painted on walls to inked in the margins of your textbooks at school… dicks are everywhere.

… But we say – where are the vulvas?

Vulva-Va-Voom workshops are not only designed to get more people drawing vulvas… they’re also designed to get more people *learning* about vulvas. We want vulvas of all shapes & sizes celebrated, respected and demystified to all those who have them, and to those who don’t.

With children as young as nine seeking surgeries such as labiaplasties, and an increasing number of people avoiding smear tests due to concerns about how their vulvas look or smell – the time is now, so we say vulva-va-voom!

*Suggested donation £3 – all proceeds go to support the Feminist Library. The best way to support the Feminist Library is by becoming a Friend:

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