Community Event: Stories of Women ~ feminist life drawing with Diana – 22nd Jan

Stories of Women ~ feminist life drawing with Diana
Tuesday 22nd January, 7pm9pm
Feminist Library

At this Stories of Women event, we are very privileged to have Diana sharing her story. During the first half, she will pose whilst talking about some of her experiences as a life model, and as a woman.

Diana first became a life model in her 20s, in the 1960s when she lived in the US. Several lifetimes, careers, husbands and children later, she decided in her 80s to return to the profession. She will discuss how women are perceived as they age, her extensive involvement in the peace as well as the women’s liberation movement (through different waves), and why it’s so important to see older people as they really are.

During the second half, there is time for discussion and also the chance to try posing yourself. We are women drawing women; drawing each other – there is the chance to try life modelling, or you may come to draw and/or listen or join in the conversation. There will be themed discussion about the body politics of life modelling and related matters, as well as plenty of time for questions you may bring. There is guidance for new models – no experience necessary, and some drawing materials are provided – again no experience necessary.

Life modelling and drawing are a really good way to address body image issues, as well as gaining confidence and broadening our experience by stepping out of our comfort zones. Teenage girls welcome.

The event is open to all women and is a safe space for sensitive discussion about a range of topical and delicate issues. Please bring an open heart and mind! Also if you have a spare robe (and want to model) that’s good too (but not necessary).

At the end there is time to look at the drawings, if you want to show.

Payment is on a sliding scale, you decide. Paying on the door is fine (but it’s great if you buy in advance too!) This site is now charging to have multiple ticket options so if you would like to pay less than £10, please bring cash, any amount appreciated thank you.

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Drawing from Stories of Women with Jennifer Farmer, August 2017.

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