Building international feminist solidarity through the crisis – 25th May

international book clubBuilding international feminist solidarity through the crisis
May 25th, 6pm – 8pm on Zoom. Link for the meeting:
The event is free, but please support the Feminist Library if you can:

Our book clubs (Spanish, English and Polish) join in solidarity through the crisis and invite you for an open discussion of what it means to be a European / international feminist. We will be sharing our different experiences, as inter-connected citizens of Europe and the world, or trans-migrants, our complex identities, connected to living in a global society. What does it mean to be an international feminist today? What has the crisis meant for the feminist movement? Have our identities been affected by it? Are we more or less connected? (How) can we use this crisis to build international feminist solidarity and the movement?

We will encourage language exchange and explore the power of listening across cultures, of humility and of post- and anti-colonial notions of European identity. We will invite feminists from across the globe to share their experiences with us. Everyone is welcome. The joint club will be run in English, but all levels of learners are welcome.

This discussion will be based around prolific feminist slogans. We’ll be using translations of some of the key slogans from the feminist movement from different cultures. We will be sharing some of the slogans that we picked in the run up to the event. Please share yours with us! We want to make this a space for open and encouraging, solidarity building discussion where everyone feels welcome to contribute.

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