Biodanza Workshop for Women and Non-Binary People of Colour – 21st July


Join us for a free Biodanza Workshop!

Saturday 21st July, 3pm – 4pm

The Showroom, 63 Penfold Street, London, NW8 8PQ

Part of Feminist Library on Loan at The Showroom.

This workshop is free and open to self-identified women and non-binary people of colour and the feminist community. Priority will be given to residents in the borough of Westminster. To register a place please email

Biodanza the dance of life, explores the connection between the body, emotions and spirituality through free body movements and collective self-exploration.

Biodanza proposes human integration, organic renewal, affective reeducation and relearning of the original functions of life. Integrating experiences are induced through music, song, movement and group encounter.

We will work with affectivity and transcendence from an intersectional feminist perspective with sounds, music and symbolism from Latin America.

Biodanza focuses on 5 potential axes: vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence, and works with the body as a tool of transformation and empowerment.

In contexts of constant physical or psychological violence, or emotional exhaustion, biodanza is a resource to contact oneself and feel the body with tenderness and give it a political meaning and transformation.

Participants must be open to create a safe, ethical and recreational space. It is a space for liberation and self-exploration. Nobody is going to judge you for what you do with your body.

Materials Needed:

Comfortable clothes,
A small towel,
Water or fruit to hydrate you.

If possible please also bring the following:

A small amount of sand or stones.
Flowers, seeds or fruits.
An object made of organic material: e.g: wooden sculpture, seed necklace, hand made or embroidered clothing, etc.

Approximate duration: 45-60 minutes.

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