Feminism, Farming and the Politics of Food


How much of our food is produced by women workers?
Are mothers going hungry to feed their kids in austerity Britain?
Want to know how to grow your own, or set up a community kitchen?

Come to the Feminist Library on Saturday 15th June, where we will be holding a day event of skillshares, discussions, food, films and more, based around the topics of food, farming and women. All genders are welcome. Click here for the Facebook event!

The library is wheelchair accessible and children are welcome. Please contact us if you have any further access needs.
020 7261 0879






12: ‘Chop and Chat’
- Anna will give a short introductory talk about ethical and radical approaches to food and catering at events. We will prepare food to share later in the day.

1:30 ‘Feminists in Community Food Projects’
- We will hear from a selection of local community groups including food co-ops, allotment-based food growers and community kitchens, and then move into a wider round-table discussion.

2:30 ‘Growing Your Own’
- This will be a small DIY seed-planting skill-share session!

3:30 ‘The Politics of Food and the Gendered Impact of Austerity’
- We will hear from a variety of women involved in farming and food projects, including the project ‘Mazí Mas’, which enables migrant and other socially marginalised women to open pop-up restaurants in London, and open up a discussion about the effect of austerity on women.

4:30 ‘Muffcake Decorating’
- Issy will give a short demonstration and show us how to create ‘vagina cupcakes’. We can eat these afterwards!

5:15 ‘Women Farmers and Global Struggles’
- Aura will give a presentation on women farmers, global women’s struggles around food, and Latin American co-ops.

6:30 ‘Community Meal’
- Time to relax and enjoy eating the food we prepared earlier in the day!

TWO FILMS to finish: ’Ladies of the Land’ and ‘Earth to Mouth’

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